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Font Gallery

We offer a variety of font styles for your engraving.

Fonts are divided into two groups: Diamond Drag and Laser. The fonts available depend, in part, on the composition of the product to be engraved.

Diamond Drag

Diamond Drag engraving is done with a diamond point stylus which engraves directly into metal and glass. The diamond tip "drags" into the metal or glass. Diamond Drag engraving is not suitable for soft materials like wood or leather.

Below are some popular fonts. Hover over a font to view a sample, or click on the PDF link to view a printable document.

Script Fonts (PDF)
Bernard Tango English 4 Line Upright 5 Line Lucida Blackletter Regular Victoria Script Park Avenue 4 Line Roman 4 Line Minature Single Line Script Cursive 1 Line Upright Old English 3 Line
Block Fonts (PDF)
Roman 4L Bernard Tango Century 4L Garamond 6L Universal 4L Roman 2L
Block Fonts(2) (PDF)
Clarendon 3 Line Century 2 Le Old English 3 Line Optimal 3L Goudy Bold 5 Line

In laser engraving, a beam of light passes through a precious gem (ruby or sapphire) which increases its power and is focussed by mirrors to a point on the surface of the target material.

Laser engraving can be used on metal, glass, plastic and wood. It is not as deep as Diamond Drag engraving.

Laser Fonts (1) (PDF)
Allegro Alpha Romaine Arial Avant Grand Bernard Modern Charle Sworth Franklin Gothic Georgia Goudy Handtooled Humanst521 Kabel Bk Lucinda True Type
Laser Fonts (2) (PDF)
Edwardian Script English111 French Script Harlow Mrs Eaves Roman OCR-A Old English Serfa Signet Roundhead Souvenier Times New Roman Typoupright Verdana
Glass and Sandblasting

Sandblasting is normally used for fine crystal, very heavy leaded glass, granite and certain other types of stone.

Sandblasting Fonts (PDF)
Amazone Calligraphic Cataneo Arial Family Century Schoolbook Commercial Embassy English Copperplate Gothic Garamond Kemish Liberty Lucia Mural Lowan Monotype Nuance Oldenglish Optima Oz Parisian Park Piranesi Pbyllis Ribbon Shelley Snell Souvenir Technical Typ0 Zapf Tiffany